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Présentation de ScrapingBot

ScrapingBot is a data collection API. Retrieve any content you want in no time, without ever getting blocked. 

Interested in retail? ScrapingBot is the best API for this sector! 

On e-commerce websites, you can retrieve parsed information, such as product description, currency, price, shipping fees, product category, EAN, etc. 

The first plan is completely free, and allows for 100 calls per month. You can try the API directly on your Dashboard before integrating it.

There is a plan adapted to your scraping needs. If your project requires more than a million calls per month, just contact the team

Avantages de ScrapingBot

  • JS Rendering (Headless Chrome)
  • High Quality Proxies and Geotargeting
  • Full Page HTML
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Liste des langues disponibles : Anglais

Tarifs et fonctionnalités de ScrapingBot

Free Plan


Extraction du code source
39,00 €

/mois /utilisateur

100,000 calls / month


Extraction du code source
99,00 €

/mois /utilisateur

250,000 calls per month


Extraction du code source
299,00 €

/mois /utilisateur

1,000,000 calls per month


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