ImportFromWeb : en résumé

ImportFromWeb is a simple function that extracts data from any website directly into your spreadsheets in real time. It’s web scraping directly in Google Sheets… no technical knowledge required!

ImportFromWeb is a good alternative to ImportXML. It overcomes ImportXML limits offering to load Javascript-powered websites and to scrape most websites with ease.

How does it work?

ImportFromWeb works with a simple function: =ImportFromWeb( url, path_to_data )

Path to data can be described with CSS selectors, XPaths and built-in selectors for most popular websites.

ImportFromWeb - Vidéo
ImportFromWeb - Capture d'écran 1
ImportFromWeb - Capture d'écran 2

ImportFromWeb : Ses tarifs

11,00 $US
/mois /utilisateur
35,00 $US
/mois /utilisateur
High volume
67,00 $US
/mois /utilisateur

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