Publisher Discovery : Affiliate Intelligence Platform

Avis Publisher Discovery : Affiliate Intelligence Platform - Appvizer

Platform with AI Driven affiliate programme analysis and intelligence of affiliate network tracking. AI analyses your competitors' affiliates in Gap Analysis and advanced machine learning enables you to find your best affiliates.

  • See which affiliates your competitors use
  • See all websites an affiliate owns across every network
  • AI intelligence ranks each affiliate to show the best ones for you
  • Reach out via email or social media and recruit your new affiliates

The Publisher Discovery platform also includes affiliate traffic data. This adds really powerful detail to help our users understand potential new affiliate partners. The combination of Relevance and Traffic makes selecting the most relevant and commercially useful partners so much easier.

Éditeur : Publisher Discovery

Avantages de Publisher Discovery

  • AI driven affiliate intelligence
  • Certifications : GDPR

Démonstration et interface de Publisher Discovery

Gap Analysis

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Publisher Discovery-Performance Marketing Association Member

Prix et fonctionnalités de Publisher Discovery

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99 € /mois /utilisateur
159 € /mois /utilisateur
259 € /mois /utilisateur
999 $US /mois /utilisateur

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