B2B Rocks Paris 2019: Alexis Fogel’s insights

par Maëlys De Santis. Article mis à jour le 4 août 2020, publié initialement en août 2019
B2B Rocks Paris 2019: Alexis Fogel’s insights

Alexis Fogel, co-founder at Stonly, is sharing his insights on B2B Rocks and his advice for young entrepreneurs.

He will be speaking at the conference Lessons learned from young graduate to Co-founder & CPO managing 100 employees.

About Alexis Fogel

Alexis Fogel is a serial entrepreneur focused on building user centric B2B and B2C products. After having co-founded the password manager Dashlane and led its product effort for 10 years, he recently founded Stonly, a new venture providing a better format for sharing knowledge based on interactive step-by-step guides.

Can you introduce yourself briefly? Why did you found Stonly?

Alexis Fogel: 

I am a product oriented entrepreneur. I co-founded Dashlane ten years ago to help non-tech savvy people manage their digital life. Last year I left the company to build Stonly a product allowing people to create step by step interactive guides. I founded Stonly because this was solving an issue I had at Dashlane and I was convinced it could help other businesses as well. As Dashlane was scaling we needed a solution that would help customers troubleshoot their issue before contacting support and I did not find any good solution on the market so I decided to create it myself. Then the concept expanded itself to what Stonly is today.

What does this event mean for entrepreneurs in the B2B sector?

Alexis Fogel:

B2B rocks is a great example of how active the B2B SaaS scene is becoming in France. This event brings a lot of knowledge on the table from successful businesses that started in France and became international leaders.

What would you say are the main challenges entrepreneurs face when setting up a SaaS company?

Alexis Fogel:

Finding the right Product market fit is the make or break and the most challenging for a B2B SaaS company. This is what any company should focus as it starts. Once a company has found product market fit, it can start executing on scaling the business.

What advice would you give to graduates willing to found their own business?

Alexis Fogel:

Find a great cofounder, be 100% focus on your project and don't give up until you absolutely have to. Don't worry, even if your company is not a success, you will have acquired so much knowledge that you will have no issue finding a great job after this.

What is Stonly’s highlight in 2019?

Alexis Fogel:

2019 is a very important year for Stonly. We raised a first seed round, launched our product publicly and started getting traction. The feedback we got so far makes us even more bullish about how needed our solution is.

[Video] Interview @ B2B Rocks Paris 2019

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